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    • It is a grinder/flaker. I sprout wheat until it begins to grow. Then I dry the seeds and flake them to the thickness of Rolled Oats, then allow them to dry again for my enzyme enriched cereal. Something not available in stores or anywhere that I know of. 1 801 652-5577, derickson1(at)allwest.net

  1. How does the Food Pantrie work in climates outside Utah? How about other places like Oregon or Florida, where it is quite humid?

    • From Duane Erickson, the inventor: It works worldwide where ever our forefathers dried their foods naturally before electricity. You just have to work with the weather in your area. boater’s in Florida are using them, many in Oregon are using them. If you can lay a slice of bread on your kitchen table over night and it fairly dry the next day, your foods will dry right in your house. derickson1ATallwest.net, 1 801 652-5577

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